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Member Highlight: Ed Somuk

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Hey everyone. My name is Ed Somuk, Class of 2027, and this is your weekend safety brief. Okay, for the three of you who are still reading this, I am kidding. Before strolling through Harvard Yard with a latte in my hand I was an active-duty Marine for 26 years. I was an Infantryman by trade and my favorite flavor of crayon is the orange one. I am married to an amazing woman who is also an active-duty Air Force JAG, and we have 3 kids which will explain why I always look tired. I commute in from Hanscom Air Force Base. I don’t want to bore anyone with a lengthy bio, so I will just say that I retired as a Master Sergeant, and I served in all 4 Marine Divisions (I did reserves for 18 months after my first enlistment, it sucked) all 3 MEFS, East Coast, West Coast, and Okinawa.

I am from a small town in Western Connecticut and military service runs in my family. My father was a Marine back in the 50s, and my older brother served 16 years in the Air Force before being medically separated. It was an honor and privilege to have served my country as a Marine, but now it is time for the next chapter in my life.

I am here at Harvard because I believe in the value of an education (well, also because for some reason they let me in). I learned a long time ago to not take anything for granted and I remind myself every day that this is my new mission and purpose. My next goal in life is to be a History Professor. I believe that teaching is a noble profession and think of worse things in life than to live in a college town, surrounded by bright young minds and dusty old books. I love reading and lifting heavy things which, surprisingly go together quite well. I am very grateful for HUVO. I think it is incredibly important that we have an organization that not only looks out for the needs of veterans but also serves as a great social connection to those with a shared experience. I believe that Harvard will be better served by adding more veterans to the student body and I am going to help facilitate that in any way that I can. I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

Ed with a Harvard shirt on his first day of school

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