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Veterans at Harvard: The Future Is Bright

In 2017, Harvard College, the undergraduate college at Harvard University, publically announced that they were partnering with Service to School in order to boost undergraduate veteran enrollment at the institution. “This new partnership boosts our efforts to bring to Harvard College military veterans with talent and records of achievement” (William R. Fitzsimmons ’67, the College’s dean of admissions and financial aid as quoted in the Harvard Gazette). Service To School is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 whose purpose is to aid military members in their transition to college by offering no-cost mentorships and application assistance at to service members.

As the figure above shows, the results have been astounding. Veteran enrollment has continued to rise at Harvard College, and Service to School has played a crucial role in that development. Service to School has assisted high-caliber military personnel to navigate Harvard’s rigorous application process while providing encouragement and guidance all along the way. Harvard College has made it clear that they value members of the military and the unique experiences and perspectives they can bring to the campus. They have proven that military service provides individuals with unique opportunities and challenges that develop valuable traits and values that positively impact the entire Harvard community. There is a growing veteran population at Harvard College thanks to the efforts of such organizations as Service to School, Next Step-Inbound, and Warrior-Scholar Project. We are excited to see even more military veterans join the college’s incredibly diverse student body and explore the vast number of opportunities that this institution has to offer.

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