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Highlight: Celebrating Class of 2021 Veteran graduates

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A big round of applause and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to two of our very own recent graduates! Thomas Bassett and Chris Chicoine were both instrumental in growing the veteran population at Harvard University and we wish them the best as they go on to do great things!

Thomas Bassett served in the U.S. Army and is from Newman, California. His favorite part about his time at Harvard was their commitment to increase the veteran population and improve the livelihood of veterans on campus. This included the population of veterans growing from just 4 veterans to close to over 50 in just four years. Thomas graduated with a concentration in Economics and a secondary in Government and will be starting his finance career in New York City in investment banking with Centerview Partners. Thomas received the prestigious Richard Glover Ames and Henry Russell Ames Award in recognition "for his active role helping and encouraging other veterans" to attend Harvard.

Massachusetts native, Chris Chicoine served in the U.S. Army prior to attending Harvard College. While at Harvard, Chris valued the opportunity of working with veterans and civilians to bridge the civilian-military divide. He also played an active role in increasing veteran advocacy and opportunities at Harvard College. He currently works as a management consultant for the Cape and Islands Veteran Outreach Center with the goal of starting his own veteran-focused non-profit organization. He will attend Tufts University to pursue a Graduate Degree in Assistive Technology.

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